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ISRO sends Sidhu's commentary into space; succcessfully diverts aliens towards other galaxies

16, Apr 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Delhi: Adding yet another feather to its cap, the Indian Space Research Organization has successfully averted one of the most dangerous threats to humanity as a whole: Alien Invasion, by sending Navjot Sidhu’s commentary into space as part of its latest interstellar radio message.

Sidhu depicting how he prevented a possible alien attack
Sidhu depicting how he prevented a possible alien attack

“When the radio message consisting of Sidhu’s laughter and dialogues reached space, a comet that was supposed to orbit at a distance close to earth after about 2000 years, suddenly took a detour. After that, we’ve not been able to spot it at all,” experienced scientist Mr. Iyer said to our reporter as he seemed awestruck with the anomaly.

Mr. Iyer continued to explain events that happened subsequently.

“When Sidhu’s poetry reached outer space i.e. beyond our Solar System, a huge alien mother-ship planning to attack Earth was found taking a u-turn to go back to its own galaxy. This has to be one of the best missions ever. I’m sure even the sci-fi movie makers wouldn’t have imagined this in their stories,” exclaimed Mr. Iyer as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Sidhu is ever since being considered a super hero in the country, kicking Bahubali and Shaktimaan to the second and third spots respectively.

To capitalize on Sidhu’s heroism wave, many political parties are trying to rope him in and project him as their CM candidate for the upcoming elections, while builders across the country are planning to use to play his commentary continuously in their under-construction properties to avoid getting jinxed.