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After issuing beheading threat to Bhansali, Rajput Karni Sena members recruited by ISIS

20, Nov 2017 By itsmihir1993

It’s not every day that you get rewarded after publicly announcing a bounty for beheading someone—unless it’s the terrorist organisation IS (Islamic State) or the soon-to-be-superpower nation India.

Shortly after a Meerut-based Thakur leader offered Rs 5 crores for beheading Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone, he was recruited by IS for his bravery—the quality every Rajput boasts of.

Inspired by Thakur and his immediate recruitment by IS, the Rajputs who had been jobless and protesting in the streets against the release of film Padmavati are now issuing beheading threats on national television, intending to get a job and life. To impress the HR managers at IS, many Rajputs even went on to say that they will “chop off Deepika’s nose and make her Surpnakha”.

Fearing that he might lose out on getting recruited by the IS due to increased competition, Haryana BJP leader Suraj Ammu Pal not only offered a 10 crore bounty to anyone who beheads Bhansali and Deepika Padukone but also offered lifetime assistance to the family. “I will look after the family of the person who beheads. I will also make sure that the person doesn’t get arrested. We are in power, so we have full faith in judiciary,” he said, before leaving for an event aimed at raising awareness about women safety.

The IS recruiters are now facing a difficult time screening the job applications. “Earlier, we used to observe people, do a recce and hire them only after being doubly sure. Now, our job has become easier as Rajputs are showing us a glimpse of their CV on national television. We are indebted to Indian media for airing such dangerous statements live on television. We are also thankful to the Indian government that hasn’t taken any action against people issuing these beheading threats,” said a recruiter at the terrorist organisation.