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IT company based in Bangalore to set up its corporate office in a city's pothole

24, Sep 2015 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. With so many potholes springing up in the city, an IT company looking for a suitable office space has decided to set up one in a large pothole at Bull Temple Road in Basavanagudi.

Sealing the deal with the concerned officials, the owner of the company flashed a V-Sign to the media gathered at the site, “It has been a tough ride for us ever since we decided to shift our base to this city. But thankfully by rain god’s grace, we finally have a rather decent space, right on a main road for our office.”

Still not big enough to accommodate Arnab's ego?
Still not big enough to accommodate Arnab’s ego?

“However our immediate task is to get rid of pedestrians and motorists who have been illegally occupying this pothole,” he added as he got in touch with his legal team.

When asked wouldn’t the space be little small for an office, the CEO present at the site claimed, “We just need a space for our registered office. And luckily for us, our attrition rate is pretty high and half of our staff which continues to work for us is perpetually stuck in the city traffic, which becomes their workplace, so all such concerns about size of the office thus are automatically  taken care of.”

“And since we will fill up that hole with office, I don’t think anybody will have anything to complain about. In fact on second thoughts, we could also call this purchase as a part of our CSR to prevent riders from falling into these potholes,” he pointed as he got a pat on his back from owner.

“Also going by BBMP record, I don’t think they are gonna fill this pothole anytime soon, so I think we are pretty much settled here for 5 years at least, post which we can then shift to Mumbai, whose potholes I am told are far more luxurious and greater in number than Bangalore.”