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IT Engineer accused of calling his girl friend more number of times than the local beer shop

09, Jul 2016 By Mayur Choudhari

Mumbai: An IT engineer was questioned by the police after a complaint was filed against him by a local beer shop owner.

It's Beer vs Girlfriend. Difficult choices engineers have to make
It’s Beer vs Girlfriend. Difficult choice for an engineer

The complainant, Mr. Gaytonde owner of Sai Krupa Beer Shop, alleged that the accused person had stopped calling him daily for delivering beer bottles in the middle of the night from the last one month.

This came in wake of a new girl entering the accused person’s project and accepting his offer of going out with him under the pretext of getting appraisal.

When contacted, Mr. Gaytonde was quoted, “We provided him a steady supply of beer bottles everyday even after 12 am. He did not even have to call us for it. We just did it everyday. But, last week he called up and out of nowhere told me stop sending bottles everyday. I was dumbfounded. We are very loyal to our customers. With patrons such as him denying us, it’s dark days ahead.”

He started sobbing inconsolably. Upon questioning whether he had any clue of the reason of this sudden change of heart, he was quick to point out that the accused had recently changes his Facebook status as ‘Committed’. He said, “I have no problem with his new commitments, but what about the commitment he owed to us. Two of my delivery boys have left the job citing salary issues. The accused was a generous tipper too.”

The issue further came to the fore when one of the roommates of the accused also pointed out the drop in the number of beer bottles accumulated in the corners of their house.

He said that the number had reduced by almost a third. He further went on to claim that the accused had been disillusioned by his girlfriend and accused her of being hand in gloves for this situation. The police have taken note of the complaints and say that the investigation is in progress.

We tried to contact the girlfriend of the accused but she refused to comment citing the stress she was under due to the ongoing  Myntra end of reason sale.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gaytonde is planning 24 hour service to his customers to prevent any such incidents again. Preliminary police investigations have revealed that the phone records of the accused further fortify the claims of Mr. Gaytonde that the accused in on calls with his girlfriend for hours at a stretch.

A right wing organization also claimed meanwhile that increase in the number of upscale pubs and bars is responsible for this situation and showed solidarity with owners like Mr. Gaytonde.

IT engineers in the vicinity of the area are convinced that the matter would soon be sorted out and hope their steady supply of beers would continue. We wish them well and hope the accused falls in line.