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IT engineer nominated for Rajya Sabha, declines the offer saying Parliament does not have 24X7 culture

24, Apr 2016 By Gaurav Mittal

Gurgaon: Vivek, an IT engineer  made history today by becoming the first IT engineer to be nominated for Rajya Sabha as an independent member by Government of India.  However, in a shocking response, Vivek declined the offer and the opportunity to earn while relaxing. 06rs1

The primary reason of refusing the offer was the difference between the work culture of his current organization and Parliament. He loves the 24X7 culture of his organization against the easygoing work culture of Parliament.

For independent membership, the government recommends names of people having “special knowledge or practical experience in literature, science, art and social service”.  Today government nominated independent members for current vacancies. It has been learnt that Vivek was nominated under the category of social service as he usually spends double the number of hours he is supposed to work in his office which is in a way, an act of social service as he helps his colleagues.

“A bug-free code is the greatest social service one can do in today’s world”, said a Government spokesperson

As soon as the news broke, Vivek started receiving lot of congratulatory messages on his Facebook wall. After few hours he made his stand clear by posting this Facebook status, “Nominated for Rajya Sabha. Thanks, but no thanks”

Vivek is receiving lot of media attention and the scene outside his office was almost similar to the one observed during fire drills. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the HR department quickly conducted a town hall where Vivek answered media queries.

On being asked how he feels, Vivek said, “Nothing special. The kick of fixing a production bug is much stronger than this nomination”

One of journalist asked him that how can a person do social service while in office and end up getting nominated for Rajya Sabha, Vivek replied, “I help others. There are many new engineers who struggle with work. I have been working for more than 10 years and know in and out of everything in my project. I help them. When I am about to leave at 6 PM and a girl calls me for help, I can’t say ‘No’. If government thinks it is social service then so be it.”

“But I am not going to join Rajya Sabha. There is too much shouting required and I can’t even use Caps Lock online. There are breakls every 5 minutes while I am more used to smoking breaks every 2 hrs, I will end up smoking too many cigarettes while working there. As compared to my company, the work culture is not at all good”, Vivek answered when asked about the reasons to decline the offer.

The HR representative of the company concluded the town hall saying, “We thank Vivek who is not just tireless, but also loyal to this organization. He lives by our work culture. At the same time, we urge government not to consider long working hours as an act of social service because then, HR guys can never become eligible for membership of Rajya Sabha”