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IT professional in Bangalore decides to buy an auto from first salary

23, Feb 2014 By Apala Pandey

Bangalore. A fresher currently employed by one of the top IT firms in Bangalore, has bought an auto-rickshaw after getting his first salary.

Sources tell Faking News that he was in a toss after seeing the high rates of buses and autos in the city.

The new boy in the town Ankur Sharma, originally belongs to a small city of Kota where for traveling to his college (7 km from his place) the bus fare was hardly Rs 20.

Multi utility vehicle
Multi utility vehicle

It all started when one day Ankur woke up late due to a bad hangover. In spite of all his attempts he missed his office shuttle and was left on the bus stop with a bottle of deodorant in his hands.

Cursing his crush, the new joinee from Ara (Bihar), who had recently gone in a relationship, he boarded the new city bus to his office in Whitefield.

But what he had not imagined was the half an hour journey in the AC bus with the hot girl sitting next to him would take away Rs 60 from his pocket, which going by the cafeteria charges would have fed the same girl two times (if he ever he got a date with her).

Being a true engineer, Ankur missed his bus 2-3 times every week. Frustrated by the way bus charges made a hole in his pocket and reduced his sutta intake to two everyday, he came up with “The Ultimate Solution”.

He along with a group of friends decided to buy an auto from their first salary. When asked why he didn’t go for a four wheeler or two wheeler instead, he said, “Auto is the basic mode of transportation and sitting beside an auto driver I always dreamt about driving one. I also wanted to learn the tactics to drive auto with two people sitting next to to you. It is like a one time investment.”

“There are many friends of mine who are facing the same problem. Better we collect some money and buy an auto for us. Parking won’t be a problem as it’s an employees vehicle. After we are done with our office shifts, we can take turns and drive auto for extra money (for beers and would be girlfriends) aakhir future bhie toh plan karna hai,” he added further.

Revealing his other future plans, he said that he just wants to enjoy this phase and doesn’t want to be a threat for the auto union.

Security has always been an issue for girls going to pubs at night. This auto service will not only ensure their security but also provide partners for free couple entry to such clubs.

Ankur is sure that this auto will be a big hit and he won’t even mind giving it to Abhishek Bachchan for Dhoom 4.