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Italian Marine refuses to return to India citing growing intolerance

13, Jan 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Rome: One of two Italian marines accused of murdering Indian fishermen off the coast of Kerala almost four years ago will not be returning to India to face trial due to the rising intolerance in India. Massimiliano Latorre was allowed to leave India for medical treatment after suffering a stroke in 2014 but now he is refusing to return.

Italian marines shielding their eyes from intolerance
Italian marines shielding their eyes from intolerance

Addressing the media, Latorre said, “I am deeply concerned about the rising intolerance in India. It has upset me at a very personal level. There is no room for dissent any more. I don’t think I want to return there unless something is done about the intolerance levels.”

“You can see Indian media. All of them are reporting that intolerance levels in India are higher than pollution levels in Delhi. The country is not at all safe for minorities and being an Italian, I am a minority there”, Latorre added.

When we asked what specific incidents have led him to conclude that intolerance is rising, Latorre said, “You can see how they don’t allow any different point of view. For four years they are saying we committed murders but when we differ, they don’t agree to our point of view. Isn’t this intolerance?”

“It is not just the intolerance I am facing at a personal level. There is a systematic campaign against people with Italian roots. We saw how Sonia Gandhi led party was treated in 2014”, Latorre added.

Second Italian Marine, Salvatore Girone, is still being held in the Italian embassy in New Delhi. As per sources, he is planning to act in a few films while waiting for the verdict so that he can get an early release if convicted.

Meanwhile, Government has rubbished these allegations of rising intolerance. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, “What intolerance? In fact we have been showing too much tolerance these days. Talking to Pakistan despite attacks, talking to Congress for GST despite their Parliament adjournments. Aur kitna tolerance bhai.