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Jail authorities request Subramanian Swamy to stop filing more PILs as they don’t have enough VIP rooms for politicians

11, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today termed the Gujarat Congress legislators, who have been sent to a resort to fend off ‘poaching’ attempts by the saffron party ahead of Rajya Sabha polls, as “cattle in need of fodder”. He had even mulled the idea of filing a PIL against such MLAs just like he has been doing since last many years. But his PILs have become a headache for the jail authorities as they don’t have enough VIP space for the politicians against whom Swamy keeps on filing PILs.


Swamy has a habit of filing 2-3 PILs in a month and the jail authorities are worried that even if one politician gets convicted in a month it is a huge ask to provide VIP accommodation to 12 politicians in a year. The jail authorities have even asked the home ministry to intervene in this matter and ask Swamy to stop. According to the ministry, no one has the right to stop anyone from filing a PIL but it will surely request Swamy to at least reduce the number of PILs to maximum 1-2 a month.

Faking News reporter caught up with the Tihar Jail superintendent and he had this to say,” Look, everyone knows that VIP prisoners need special facilities. How will we deliver such facilities if number of VIP prisoners increases day by day. We have shortage of funds and also human resources to cater to VIP demands. That is the reason we request the government that people like Swamy should be tackled first and a PIL should be allowed only when a Jail space is vacated by a VIP prisoner.”

We are awaiting any further comments from the Home ministry but seems like there is no solution available at least for the near future, other than stopping Swamy.