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Jallikattu bull found spending some quiet time in the countryside as media focus shifts to OPS-Sasikala drama

09, Feb 2017 By @jurnoleast

Taking advantage of the media’s shift of focus towards the slugfest between Sasikala and O Pannerselvam, a Jallikattu bull took off to the countryside to spend some ‘me time’.

A bull enjoying some fresh green grass
A bull enjoying some fresh green grass

Images uploaded on the bulls Facebook account seemed to suggest that the bull was in Palakkam. Some of the images showed the bull chewing on some fresh green grass, which got around 1k Likes.

Faking News reported spoke to the bull to find out more about its sojourn. “Yes its true. Last few months have been hectic for me. More than the actual controversy, it was the media that made things difficult for us.”

Narrating an incident about one news channel reporter, the bull said, “I remember a few months back, when the Jallikattu controversy was at the peak. We were all spending anxious moments in our shed. When we saw a new bull in our herd. Though we are not territorial, the presence of a new member is hard to overlook. It was late that we found out that the so called ‘new member’ was actually a News channel reporter who was dressed as a bull to find out more about our ‘state of mind’. I mean where do we draw the line.”

The bull said that it would stay for some time in Palakkam before moving on to a different location, even as news came in about Sasikala’s MLAs camping in a nearby hotel.

Apparently, other bulls are also making most of the breather they have got till the current political impasse get resolved. “This drama couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s Valentines Day and I am planning to spend some time with my special someone. Hopefully this OPS-Sasikala drama will drag till the end of this month,” said Surya, a bull from Madurai.

Meanwhile, as Governor lands in Chennai there were rumors of a Jallikattu match between supporters of Sasikala and Pannerselvam, with the bull tamer getting a change to form Govt. in Tamil Nadu.