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Jawed Habib offers free hair styling to BJP supporters to celebrate victory 

23, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

Recent inductee into the BJP Jawed Habib is over the moon over the election results and has offered free hair styling to BJP supporters to celebrate the win.

The hair stylist today said that all of his salons are open for BJP karyakartas for ‘anything hair related’. Jawed was inducted into the party just a few months back. Though did not contest from any constituency, he seemed pretty happy at BJP’s clean sweep.

Sources say that Habib’s salons across the country have already geared up to cater to the karyakartas who are expected to come in large numbers.

Our reporter spoke to Jawed at his residence. Armed with a comb and scissor, the hair stylist seemed all set for the task. He said, “Maine kaha tha ki ab mai baalon ka chowkidaar ban gaya hu. Aur aaj se meri chowkidaari shuru. That is why to celebrate the win I will tend to all hair related issues of BJP workers.”

BJP workers who were gathered at BJP offices across the country made a dash for the nearest Habib salon after this announcement. Even the BJP headquarter in the capital wore a deserted look.

Insiders say that prominent leaders of party could also go for a makeover at the salon. “Those who were questioning Jawed’s induction into the party today probably got an answer. The top brass of the party is also keen on getting a makeover. This could be very well be BJP 2.0 that people were looking forward to.”

Meanwhile, many Congress party workers rued the fact there was no hair stylist in their party whom they could go to for hair problems. One worker we spoke to said, “After the loss, I think our workers are more in need of or a hair stylist. Most of them have pulled out their hair in frustration. Some are having hair loss due to sleepless nights. Who will look after us. Will Rahul give an answer?”