Saturday, 28th March, 2020


JCB machines put on Ahmedabad road leading to Motera stadium to bring massive crowd for Trump visit

23, Feb 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Ahmedabad. JCB machines are famous in India for pulling huge crowds. People tend to spend hours and hours just looking at the JCB machine in operation.


Any event that has a target to bring in a specific number of people for the event uses JCB machines to attract huge crowds.

The Ahmedabad Municipal corporation is doing just that. JCBs are kept at regular intervals on the road leading to the Motera Stadium. Trump and Modi will be taking this road for their roadshow and AMC wants to bring in 6-7 million people as conveyed by Trump in various interviews.

The AMC director spoke to Faking News and said “India had conveyed 1 lac to 2 lac people for the roadshow but Trump Ji said 6-7 million people will welcome him.  We had strict instructions from the PM Modi that Trump has to be made happy and do whatever that brings such a massive crowd. First, we put posters of Salman movies, but were able to gather only 2-3 lac people. We also gave free passbook printing services for the adults to bring in the adult crowd but that to did not attain good results. The final solution was JCB machines and after putting them we are regularly getting a crowd of over 40-50 lacs”