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Jealous of ISRO's success, NASA to stop releasing India's pic on Diwali Night

25, Feb 2017 By sameer mahawar

Houston: Miffed with the strides made by Indian space agency, ISRO, scientists from NASA, to serve their ego, have decided that henceforth, they won’t be releasing satellite image of India on Diwali night.

No Diwali image this year

ISRO launched 104 satellites a few days back, breaking the record previously held by Russia when they launched 37 satellites together. This launch not only broke the world record but also managed to upset the space agencies belonging to the Elite Space club.

Releasing India’s pic from space is one of the key responsibilities of NASA and they have been fulfilling that duty every year. Ever since the birth of the email, that image has appeared in Indians’ inbox without fail. However, this ego tussle may mean that you may not get that pic in your inbox this year.

“We want all space agencies to do well, but not better than us”, a Senior Scientist from NASA said, “We have been making Indians happy by releasing the Diwali night picture of their country every year but now they want to speed ahead of us? They are even talking about their capability of building a space station. What next, ISRO releasing America’s pic on 4th of July?”

As per sources, this decision by NASA may lead to diplomatic tensions between the two countries. “We didn’t say anything when President Trump talked about restricting H1B visas but if Americans decide to stop our Diwali pic then there will be serious repercussions”, an Indian official said.