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Jealous of JNU, IIT-Delhi starts Anti-National protests to get some media attention

17, Feb 2016 By sandee

Delhi: Feeling a little jealous of the media focus on Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), other colleges in the capital are also planning anti-India protests to get some attention from the media and politicians.

One of the posters seen at IIT-Delhi
One of the posters seen at IIT-Delhi

The protests at JNU and the subsequent government action have hogged headlines across the country for past 1 week. This continuous focus on JNU has made neighboring colleges very jealous, particularly the students at IIT-Delhi. In a bid to displace JNU from news headlines and divert some attention towards themselves, IIT-Delhi students have also started chanting their version of anti-national slogans.

“Media exposure is nothing new for the likes of JNU but we have always been denied the opportunity to feature in newspapers. Unless some pass out receives a 2 Crore CTC (50,000 Rs take home) package, nobody pays any attention to us or our institute. Is this fair?” asked one of the leaders of the protesting group, Mr Vijay Shetty.

When Faking News reporter visited the campus, students started raising slogans with renewed vigor after spotting a media representative. Slogans like “Sachin ke records tootne tak jung rahegi, jung rahegi”,”Shehzad original Kohli hai”, ”Afridi Zindabad” and “Tum kitne Inzamam run out karoge, har pitch pe Inzamam daudega” were being shouted repeatedly by the engineering students.

“We have done our bit. Raised the appropriate slogans to offend every Indian, put the video up on YouTube, now we wait for the media and politicians to arrive and spend some time on us. We are confident they will come, after all our CM is also a former IITian, he will identify with our desire for media coverage. With all the journalists arriving, the sex ratio in campus will not be 100:0 for a day at least so that is another plus”, another student leader Prashant Sareen told us.

Meanwhile, the professors at IIT-Delhi weren’t too bothered about the protests. “They always come up with some nonsense in the morning after every daru party in hostel. They drink till sunrise and then start acting too wise. By afternoon, nasha bhi utar jayega aur streetlights ke poles par se posters bhi.

The students on the other hand were very confident that this protest will get all India attention. However, when they didn’t find any tweet on IIT-Delhi, they themselves tried to trend #ShutDownIITDelhi.

When last reports came in, the hashtag was still not trending in India despite the best efforts of the entire engineering college.