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Jharkhand youth threatens college placement cell after failing to find ISIS' name in companies coming for campus recruitment

06, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

Dhanbad. An unidentified youth from the city was today caught threatening his college’s placement cell, angry with no effort being put by the cell to bring companies of his choice.

The youth, who has been deliberately kept unidentified as the identification will hurt the ‘idea of India’, was specifically miffed with the placement cell for their failure to convince leading MNC, ISIS to come for campus recruitments.

The face chopped off to protect
The face chopped off to protect the “Idea of India”

“It’s too much. Earlier they failed to have them for summer placements and now for final placements. If they are so incompetent, they should be replaced with people like that Tirpur-based Imam,” the youth demanded.

If reports are to be believed, the youth in question is one from the same set of youth who were seen flaunting t-shirts with ISIS logo and Pakistan written on it, during Muharram procession in Jharia this Tuesday.

“The placement season was about to begin. I was very excited and had bought ISIS sweat shirts to impress HR of ISIS during PI and had even embossed Pakistan and its flag on it, to convey I was even ready to relocate there,” the youth confirmed, justifying his decision to wear those t-shirts, “But then I am told that there is no company called ISIS, invited for recruitment by the college.”

“I mean if you couldn’t persuade ISIS management, you could have at least got on board domestic companies like SIMI, Indian Mujhaideen,” he argued.

When pointed that college was able to bring renowned organizations like Infosys, Reliance, HDFC etc., offering good pay package, the youth shot back, “Huh! Nobody wants to work in such kaafir organizations even if they give me a fortune.”

“These infidels can only pay me a few rupees, but ISIS can give me 72 hoors,” he said as he changed his Android phone wallpaper to that of picture of Sunny Leone.

Meanwhile the youth hasn’t given up on joining the organization and has instead decided to go in for a walk-in interview to ISIS headquarters in Mosul.

“I am planning to behead few members of my placement cell, to prove my credentials and bulk up my resume,” he quipped.