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JNU revolution catches on; Chaddha Public School students demand an independent nation

20, Feb 2016 By The Reviewer

Jalandhar. Even as intellectuals debate if JNU students calling for destroying India is sedition, the Azaadi revolution started by strictly-not-Muslim-for-this-week Umar Khalid at JNU has caught on.

JNU revolution catches on
JNU revolution catches on

Similar rallies calling for freedom of various states and regions have been organized all over the country by differently-patriotic people.

The latest rally is of Chaddha Public School of the city, where 8th grade students have demanded that their school be given freedom from oppression of Indian CBSE board and declared a free nation right away.

Sonu Khanna, the representative of this classroom told us on phone that they have been suffering tyranny of CBSE education system for 8 years and JNU has lit up the fire of revolution in their hearts.

“We will not take this oppression by the state anymore,” Sonu said shouting azaadi slogans, “We want our school to be declared an independent first world country by Sunday or else we will snatch Azaadi by force.”

“We even have our constitution ready, which has two things: no education for anyone and Indians pay grant for $1Billion to United States of Chaddha, so that none of us ever have to useless things like working,” he added.

Calls of freedom were also heard from Apartment No. 1103, Golden Heights, Bandra, in Mumbai, where all 3 residents rebelled against the society and state oppression and demanded freedom of apartment 1103.

Arundhati Roy, a famous person, has supported such calls. She said, “Idea of India is to support right to self-determination of everyone. If all 1.5 billion people demand their own country so be it! The more the merrier. We will keep fighting for the idea of India till there is no India.”