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JNU student expelled from college after failing to register 80% attendance in protest marches

17, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Getting expelled from college is not a new thing. Thousands of students across the country get expelled for reasons like less attendance in a subject, mischievous behavior, unacceptable attitude and other wrong doings. But JNU expelled a student yesterday for failing to register 80% attendance at all protest marches held at the campus in last one year.


Shwetank Srivastava who is a JNU student since last 2 years was always regular in all the protests carried out at the institute till the last year. Last year was when he suffered from malaria and was advised bed rest by the presiding doctor, but Shwetank who was very passionate about the protest marches gave his best and attended most of them. But due to illness, his attendance figure at the end of semester came out to be 79.98%, a shortfall of .02% from the compulsory attendance at JNU for all students. Protest marches are very important for the university like JNU and no soft behaviour is extended towards the students failing to register the minimum attendance.

Shwetank, though sad, understands that what the university has done is for his larger benefit in life. A person who cannot protest properly has no right to stay in college. He has vowed to  apply again and initiate a fresh start to his student career. For that he has started leading a healthy lifestyle and is trying to attend maximum protests to prepare well for the future. He has been making a list of all protest marches carried out across the nation and is trying to attend every protest. We have not heard from the JNU officials yet about Shwetank’s re-application, but there are chances that he might be re-inducted if he shows the improvement he is currently working upon.