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JNU student showing no interest in politics, Parents shocked

02, Mar 2017 By AdityaSachan

New Delhi: Dheemu Yadav, a JNU student, is showing no interest whatsoever in politics. Dheemu is ignoring both left and right wing groups active in and around campus. Instead of focusing on politics, he has started preparing for entrance exams and interviews to get a regular desk job after graduation. This decision has sent Dheemu’s parents into shock and disappointment.

JNU- Come for the degree, stay for the politics

When asked, his father said, “We had high hopes for our son when he joined JNU but he became a serious student who attends all his classes. He never stayed back in college canteens, never joined any protests or did any protest march in last 2 years. We thought may be after some time he will improve and make us proud but we haven’t seen any improvement. I even asked him to join twitter and post something offensive regularly but all he did was study, help his mother and clean his room. I even used to switch TV to news channels to get him to debate and start any argument but to my disappointment, he used to see only business news and watch discovery channel.”

Echoing his father’s sentiments, Dheemu’s mother said ,”We thought we will have a Rajya Sabha MP in the family in a few decades if he goes to JNU. Disappointingly, he is showing no inclination towards politics. I am sure our son has those political instincts but his bad company is keeping them suppressed. He has become friends with all those IIT guys who talk about books and jobs all the time, ruining our son’s career prospects.”

“I have started telling Dheemu about my friends’ kids who have made them proud by joining protests, getting arrested, and doing other sensational things over internet. Evidently, I failed to inspire him as last week, I saw Dheemu printing his resume so that he can attend a regular job interview. We bought the printer so that he could print protest slogans but look at him now. I am unsure what to do now”, Dheemu’s mother said before breaking down into tears.