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Jobless engineering student pays off his education loan by selling pile of old college text books and notes

26, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

23 year old engineering student Ajith, who failed to get a job through campus placement, was worried over the prospect of having to pay off his education loan. But thanks to the humongous pile of textbooks and xerox notes that had accumulated all over the years, the managed to pay off the loan and even had some money left.

engineering books

The mechanical engineering student of APPA college in Chennai had an outstanding loan amount of 5 lakhs, which he thought would be taken care of once he gets a job after completing his engineering. Speaking to Faking News, he said, “All this while I was clueless about the utility of all these engineering text books and notes. I have a room full of just xerox copies of assignments. But I am happy that now I can sell it to get rid of the loan.”

Ajith’s parents, who initially criticized him for being lazy for not getting rid of old college books, are now happy that the extra money will help take of their son’s marriage expense. “Even after putting together my PF and Gratuity amount, I could barely cover the wedding cost. But thanks to engineering notes, everything has been taken care of.”

Ajith’s story has resonated with others in the engineering community. Many of whom are now selling their ‘tons of engineering material’  to tide over their financial problems. Some even claim to have millions by investing the money in stock market. “I made a killing in the stock market. Now I have gaadi, bangla, naukar, bank balance, maa and Yes, I will soon own an IPL team too,” said Sujay Vallya, who took 10 years to complete his engineering course.

Engineering colleges which earlier complained of less number of enrollments for their course are now happy with the renewed interest. “People are now convinced that even if you don’t get a high paying job, you will be well off by just selling the college notes,” said the Principal of a local college.