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Jobless for 10 years, JNU student insists US imperialism his biggest concern

11, Sep 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. When 9/11 happened, Sanjeev Suman was 20-years-old BA (English) graduate, who had chosen a post-graduate program at JNU over a small time job in some call center, which he thought was an American conspiracy to enslave Indian youth.

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11 today, he is 30, unmarried, victim of an unfinished PhD thesis and a receding hairline, and totally jobless; but Sanjeev insists that he is more concerned about growing US imperialism than anything else in his life.

JNU Poster
A poster in Sanjeev’s hostel room, which apparently keeps him going.

“These guys are planning to invade Libya, kill Gaddafi, and take over Libya’s oil wells,” Sanjeev expressed his deepest fears at this stage of his life, as he sipped a cup of tea at Ganga Dhaba in the JNU campus, where he had engaged several people in debates over how US deserved everything from 9/11 to the economic recession.

Sanjeev, who was recently served a notice over his occupation of a hostel room despite not being a regular student of the university for over four months now, also expressed his extreme disappointment over the continual US support to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The rebel student, who has no plans to take up any job anytime soon, spends most of the days fighting for causes that he accuses others to ignore, though he ignored the recent Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement as he thought it was not exclusively designed for the “marginalized classes”.

“We can’t be indifferent to what is happening around us,” he argued, as he dismissed criticism from his family members who accuse him of being indifferent to their concerns over his life prospects. His parents have been pressurizing him to take up a small job and get married, but Sanjeev insists that he has bigger issues to care for.

Sanjeev’s friends, mostly from JNU, have pledged support to his incessant fight for justice and credit him for playing an important role in the release of Binayak Sen earlier this year. Together, they are planning to free Afghanistan from US forces by the next year.

“Yes, we can!” they said, when Faking News correspondent wondered if a group of students sitting in Delhi could bring about such change thousands of miles away.

However Sanjeev’s financial status continues to fox most of his friends, especially those from his graduation days in the Delhi University. “Either he is eating into his reserves or he is heavily leveraged like the US economy, liable to crash anytime soon,” an old friend of Sanjeev suspected.

Sanjeev ridiculed such claims and accused the FBI and the CIA, in association with Mossad, of spreading rumors against him.