Monday, 6th April, 2020


He (jockey) runs fast because we make him run, why no invite for us: Buffalo pair question Sports Authority

20, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

kambalaSrinivasa Gowda may be an internet sensation thanks to the viral video, but the buffaloes who were part of the race not very pleased.

The Buffallo pair Dhabboo and Rhatanani have expressed deep anguish at the treatment meted out by Sports Authority.

A day after the video went viral, Srinivasa was invited by SAI for trails which he politely declined.

The invitation has not gone down well with Daboo and Ratnani who lamented the fact that their heroics failed to find favor with social media and Sports Authority. According the pair they deserve credit for the record breaking 100m dash more than the jockey.

“Watch the race a hundred times and observe closely. The jockey is just being dragged by us and he just manages to keep himself on his feet. It seems like they are running, but we are the ones who should get the credit,” said Ratnani.

The buffalo pair is now planning to write to Peta and asked for its intervention. “If Peta can take some time out from coaxing everyone to turn vegan, they would find out how we are being discriminated against,” lamented Daboo, giving clear indications that they are ready to put up a fight.