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Jodhpur Jail’s guards disappointed that they won’t get a chance to click selfies with Salman

25, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Jodhpur: Policemen posted at Jodhpur jail were left disappointed today when Rajasthan High Court acquitted the Bollywood superstar in the black buck poaching case. All the policemen were waiting for Bollywood’s Bhai to end up in Jodhpur jail so that they can click selfies with him. Those dreams now lie shattered.

Jodhpur Jail
No star prisoner for this prison

“I joined the police force in 2009 and was transferred to Jodhpur jail in 2012 so I missed the chance to get a photo clicked with Salman Bhai when he visited this prison last. Older guards tell us so many stories about Salman and share their pics with him so we youngsters also wanted to create our memories with Salman. Unfortunately, that is unlikely now after High Court verdict. Will have to use photoshop to get a pic with Salman Bhai now”, said Sumer Singh, a policeman posted at Jodhpur jail.

Another policeman, Ajmer Singh said, “This is not Tihar jail that we get high profile politicians or even Arthur road jail in Mumbai where you get an occasional celebrity. Only celebrity we have is Asaram and frankly, I avoid that guy. I was really looking forward to having Salman Khan here so that some glamour gets added to our dull job too. Of course, now that is not happening and we are stuck with small time thieves and criminals.”

Not just the youngsters, even older policemen who had met Salman earlier wanted him to return. One of the veterans, Vikas Meena said,”Yes I do have a photo with Salman but it is no selfie. Everyone knows that you are friends with a person only if you have a selfie with him. I want to tell my future grandchildren that I was friends with Salman. Ab kaise hoga?”

As per sources, all the policemen at Jodhpur jail are now going to try and appeal against High Court verdict in the Supreme Court.