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Jon Snow obtains above 90% marks in best of 4 subjects, finally proves he actually knows nothing

30, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Westeros. Jon Snow a student of Delhi Public School Winterfell (DPS Winterfell) who is famous for “knowing nothing” has finally successfully passed all class 12th subjects thereby proving he actually “knows nothing” about these subjects. He apparently obtained above 90% marks in his best of 4 subjects, Political Science, Physical Education, History and Engineering Drawing which according to experts is a clear indication of him having no actual knowledge of these subjects.

Celebrity politician and now in exile fugitive Tyrion Lannister who once coached Jon Snow on the merits and demerits of being a “bastard” is apparently very disappointed. Talking to a leading news channel King’s Landing Public Debate Television (KLPD-TV) via video conferencing he said, “Like a lot of kids both north and south of the wall our Jon Snow also has scored above 90% in this year’s board exams. I congratulate him. But I ask a simple question, has he really learned something? Does he really “know” these subjects? I am also a high school drop-out, but people all throughout Westeros know how knowledgeable I can be. I am quite disappointed with Jon Snow, I actually thought he knew something.”

Jon Snow’s long-time girlfriend and now fiancée Ygritte “The Wildling” has also expressed severe disapproval on his exam results. She was not reachable for comments as she is currently traveling deep-north of the wall, however she expressed her disapproval in detail on Jon’s Facebook wall.

Jon Snow's wall
Jon Snow’s wall

While media is having a field day with Jon Snow’s board percentage and is getting comments from other demi-celebs such as Stannis Baratheon, Lord Baelish, Lord Varys and select wildlings, Jon may already be denied admission into Westeros University (WU) where the admission cut-offs are again going to be above 100% this year. Consequently several trial by combat events have also been scheduled in next few days for thousands of students with 100% marks to fight it out for very few university admission seats.