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Jon Snow to take help of the scorching Delhi heat to melt White Walkers

03, Jun 2016 By banneditqueen

The Wall: With the lack of availability of Valyrian swords and dragon glass, former Lord Commander of the night’s watch, Jon Snow was looking for a new weapon to destroy white walkers and he may have finally found it, Delhi heat. Jon Snow now plans to lure White Walkers to Delhi and then melt them in the 40+ temperatures currently prevailing in the city.

Delhi heat
White walker melting away in Delhi heat

“The walkers come with the winter so I started wondering if we can try to use hot weather to counter them. Now the hottest place we get in seven kingdoms, Dorne, isn’t quite hot enough to melt people but Delhi’s weather might just do the trick. I myself sweated at the rate of 2 buckets an hour when I visited that place. At that rate, the skinny walkers aren’t going to last for more than a few hours”, Jon said.

“Luring them to Delhi won’t be a tough task now. They are chasing my brother Bran and can reach wherever he is after he got marked by the Night King. I will just ask Bran to come to Delhi and they will come after him. Then we will let the Delhi heat complete the job”, Jon added.

The pleasant weather in Delhi last week almost made Jon cancel his grand plan but after a couple of days, the glorious sun returned with full force putting the plan back in motion.

When we asked Jon why doesn’t he lure them to Daenerys as she has got fire breathing dragons with her, he replied, “Oh come on, dragon fire is not as hot as the natural sunlight we have available in Delhi. I am not taking any chances here. We want them to melt as soon as possible.”

As per sources, Jon Snow had earlier considered using Mumbai’s humidity against the whites but eventually settled for the dry heat of Delhi.