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Journalist commits crime to be with Honeypreet and report her daily activities from jail

06, Oct 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Haryana: After being in news since the arrest of Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Honeypreet, baba’s favorite devotee, is again in the news after she gave a covert interview to all the leading news channels in India. Honeypreet has become a major source of TRP for various news channels and one incident makes it more than evident. One Journalist, Ms Swati committed a crime only to be with Honeypreet in jail.

If there’s anyone more desperate than Baba Ram Rahim to be with Honeypreet then it is journalists like Swati. Journalists are going to any extent to get news of Honeypreet.

In one such incident Aaj Tak journalist, Ms Swati slapped SHO Sonipat after she was denied entry in dera premises, which was cordoned off. Currently, Swati is under police custody and court hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Faking News Reporter spoke to Swati, Swati said, “Look, I am a journalist and it’s my duty to bring best and important news for my viewers. Honeypreet and Baba Ram Rahim are people everyone wants to know about. I can’t afford to miss about their daily activities and to be honest I slapped SHO only to get arrested and stay with Honeypreet.”

It’s not the first time when a journalist has done something weird to get news. Rahul, journalist of DNDTV, is famous for covering all kind of unimportant news. He has been covering Hrithik-Kangana news and allegedly wrote some fake mails to instigate a fight between the two.

Another incident happened when a kid fell into a manhole and one reporter went into that manhole only to ask that kid “how is he feeling?”. It’s time we start demanding logical and constructive news and say no to nonsense news.