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Journalist who did not get exclusive pictures of Anushka-Virat wedding asks them to remarry

14, Dec 2017 By itsmihir1993

A reporter employed with a leading news channel saw herself at the receiving end after her bosses reprimanded her for failing to get exclusive pictures from Anushka-Virat wedding, held last week in Tuscany, Italy.

The reporter, who even tried entering the wedding venue by getting a new hairdo and claiming to be Hardik Pandya, was not allowed inside. Fearing expulsion from her job, the ambitious reporter has asked the newly-weds to remarry, so that she can click their exclusive pictures.

The reporter, who is believed to be under immense pressure to get pictures of the wedding, has now offered the couple to travel to Rome along with them on their honeymoon. “If they can remarry each other in Rome, I will be able to save my job. I am following them to Rome on my own expenses,” said the worried reporter.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli was seemingly upset after the reporter made efforts to gatecrash his wedding. The reporter almost fooled the security guards by claiming that she is Hardik Pandya with a new hairdo, until Virat found her fishy. “I saw her fight with the security personnel at the entrance. At first, she looked like Hardik Pandya to me from a distance, but I was quick to realise that BCCI won’t sponsor Hardik’s trip to Italy, especially after the huge amount it invests on his grooming and looks,” he said.

The reporter has also apologised for her behaviour outside the wedding venue and urged the couple to get married again. While Virat appeared calm and composed while rejecting her plea, it was wife Anushka who became Virat and abused the reporter black and blue. “BC, MC, go away or I’ll call the cops and get you arrested,” she shouted.