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Should have just taken a loan instead of wasting my time in smuggling and extortion: Dawood Ibrahim

19, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Karachi: After spending decades in the trade, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is finally starting to regret the career path he chose for himself. Speaking from his house in Karachi an unknown location, the underworld don said he should have just opted for a loan from a PSU bank in India instead of entering the world of smuggling, extortion and contract killings. Dawood made these remarks after hearing about Nirav Modi and his dealings with Punjab National Bank.

Seedha Loan hi le leta

The dreaded don said ,”Here I had to work my ass off to make thousands of Crores and these guys just apply for a loan and get it. What a waste of my life when I could have just walked into a bank and taken that amount in a loan. No bank officer would have dared to refuse me either. This is why education is important, educated people can get thousands of Crores in the blink of an eye while we have to threaten hundreds of people to get the same amount.”

Furthermore, he added ,”Worst thing is, even after working hard to make my money, I have to escape to a country like Pakistan the one I am in while these guys escape to places like London and New York. Such a difference in life even after escaping from India. I can’t even be seen in public while these loan defaulters can attend luxury parties and run their businesses legitimately. I have to run even my legal business illegally.”

Meanwhile, PSU bank employees union has said that their appointment letters never mentioned that they have to recover loans as well so they never bother to do it.