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Just told her to come with whatever she is wearing - groom denies dowry on 14 cr wedding dress of Saravana stores owner's daughter

15, Jun 2017 By RT

Chennai. During the last few days, the people of Chennai had talked about a little else but on the 14 crore wedding dress of Saravana stores owner’s daughter. The dress studded with gold is the third most popular dress of the year so far.

The 13 Cr wedding dress
The 13 Cr wedding dress

The first two more popular dresses were worn by Priyanka Chopra and that were already heavily reported by the media. The 14 crore dress though catches more attention because it is for a wedding.

“It is nothing extraordinary. We have a textiles store and we also have a gold shop. We just had to stitch the two together, for my daughter’s wedding dress,” told the owner of the Saravana stores to Faking News.

“It is not a bribe. It is just the kind of fatherly love showered upon a daughter by a shop keeper. If he were running a car dealership, he would given her a car. If he were a real-estate businessman, he would have given her a home. My father-in-law is a simple textiles and gold shop owner. So, he gave a dress borrowing a little metal from the gold shop. How is it a big deal?” the groom seemed visibly exasperated with all the attention while talking to Faking News.

“I told her and the family very clearly that I do not accept bribe. The family had spent more than Rs.100 crores on the wedding for crying out loud. Unfortunately, the people who have come for the wedding had noticed the sparkling dress and only talked about the dress. I told my wife to keep the dress in a bank locker after all the functions are over. I also told her to not reveal the locker information to anyone, including me. It is for her and her alone. How is it a bribe?”  the groom asked Faking News.

Learning of the new trend on wedding dresses studded with gold in India, a one-gram gold shop is expanding the business into golden Sarees and dress materials, it is learnt by Faking News.