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'Just trying to fit into Delhi culture by brandishing gun' says ex-BSP MP's son over accusation

18, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

Putting across his side of the story, ex- BSP MPs son Ashish Pandey admitted that he did brandish a gun as seen in the video but it was done to fit into the typical Delhi culture.

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While elaborating on the ‘typical Delhi culture’, he said, “It’s a Delhi thing you know. When ‘tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai’ doesn’t work then you whip out your gun. It’s done as a scare tactic and no to actually shoot someone.”

“I am from Lucknow and even fights over there done with tehzeeb. I would be treated like an outcast if I tried that in Delhi. So I had to carry a gun and a baseball bat in my car to just to show that I am part of Delhi’s high society,” he added.

South Delhi businessman SK Khurana, though hesitant initially, did agree that these things are common in Delhi and media shouldn’t overreact. “Why is that Arnab behaving like a rabid mongrel over this issue. If he hadn’t brandished the weapon then it would have been a national crisis,” he said.

“I remember once I had an argument with a man after he cut me in traffic. We were talking like gentlemen and sorting the issue when some bystanders got restless and asked when are we going to start fighting. They were not happy with our politeness and wanted to hear some cuss words,” he recollected.

A senior bureaucrat, while commenting in the incident said that people coming from outside should respect the culture of Delhi. “Please liberally flaunt your political connections. Invest in a gun if you can afford it, especially the high society types. Carry a baseball bat in you car to start a road rage without provocation. In fact car dealers should give baseball bats as standard accessory,” he suggested.