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Justice Bobde takes oath after Arnab declines to take over as the new Chief Justice of India

18, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

At a ceremony in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Justice SA Bobde took oath as the new Chief Justice of India after Arnab Goswami declined the offer. The news came as shock to many who were convinced that Arnab would undoubtedly be the next Chief of the Supreme Court.

justice bbade

The fiery Editor-in-Chief has been instrumental in many SC judgement’s, dispensed almost daily in the studio of his news channel. Sources say that Arnab was coaxed to take up the post, however he declined politely without giving any reason whatsoever.

BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra, a regular face on debates, spoke to Faking News and said, “I am shocked myself. At a time when there are fingers being pointed at the judiciary, we need someone like Arnab to restore people’s faith. Have seen so many legal experts asking for his counsel before appearing for a case.”

“Arnab’s appointment was just a formality. Ask anyone in the legal circles or for that matter ask anyone who has seen his debates. There cannot be anyone better than him to take over as the CJI,” he added.

The Editor-in-Chief however was nonchalant with all the brouhaha over his refusal to accept the post.

Arnab said that though he won’t be in the Supreme Court, he will continue running his parallel justice system from the news studio of Republic TV.

“I am honored for the faith that people of this country have on me. But honestly speaking, titles and designations don’t really excite me. I more than happy sitting in the studio and roasting my panelists amidst the occasion screaming. I won’t be able to do all that in the CJI’s chair. That said, I will continue passing judgement on cases that catch my attention,” he said while speaking exclusively to our reporter.