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Cauvery water dispute: Kannadiga groups to protest against Bernoulli's Law

17, Sep 2016 By Pin2

Bengaluru: After protesting against the Supreme court order of releasing Kaveri river water for Tamil Nadu, Kannadiga groups have decided to protest against the Law proposed by Bernoulli to prevent water release. On contacting a random protester, he explained that the reason that they want to protest is because the Bernoulli Law is unfair to Karnataka people.

Protests against Bernoulli's law
Protests against Bernoulli’s Law

The demand is to propose an amendment to change the law in such a way that when Karnataka releases 4000 cu-secs, TN will be able to receive 12,000 cu-secs. It is to change the assumption that the Volume inflow is equal to outflow. Leading lawyer and Karnataka counsel Nariwoman said that it can be done by introducing a Karnataka multiplier in the equation. He also said that the amendment should be proposed in state assembly as the subject of fluid dynamics pertain to “liquid” state list.

In response, Tamilians have raised the issue that Bernoulli law is not a law but mere principle to which Kannadiga groups have replied that SC judgement is also not a law but mere order. This argument was aborted when both sides took out lighters from their pockets.

Although experts are not very confident that this will resolve the issue because only LHS can be amended by Karnataka state and that can be offset by introducing the same multiplier on RHS by Tamil Nadu.