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Kanpur man covers damages on red car by spitting tobacco on dent

24, Nov 2017 By itsmihir1993

If you try to book a red car in Kanpur, you are likely to experience a 6-month waiting period due to the high demand of the colour before you can finally get your hands on the swanky automotive. Red-painted cars are in high demand in the city as the after-sales damages on the cars can be covered cheaply by spitting tobacco on the dent.


A similar incident took place on Thursday after a red car collided with a stationary red cycle. The driver of the car, Mishra Ji, working as a driver at another Mishra family, panicked after damaging the car. However, he was quick to rectify his mistake and covered the dent marks by spitting tobacco on it and applying it all over the damaged portions of the car. He also spat tobacco on the damaged cycle to hide the damages.

After covering the dents, Mishra Ji went to a nearby paan shop to buy another paan. On his way to the paan shop, he told us, “My parents live in Kolkata, and I have been wanting to call them up since three days. Now that I have finally spit my tobacco, I will speak to them.” Mishra Ji usually gets a 10-minute window between two doses of tobacco, where he speaks out everything that he has been holding within for three days.

“The walls in our house are also painted red. Whenever the walls get dull, we spit fresh tobacco and sparkle the walls again,” said Mishra Ji, before putting the paan in his mouth.

Tobacco spitting has lately emerged as a lucrative (and lubricative) career opportunity in Kanpur. Besides participating in the tobacco-spitting competitions frequently held, professional tobacco chewers in the city earn their livelihood by painting walls, cars, and also manufacturing sindhoor with their spits.