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Kanpur man prevents bank robbery by spitting gutkha into the eyes of robbers, gets bravery award 

06, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

A Kanpur man who prevented a bank robbery by spitting gutkha in the eyes of the robbers, was today felicitated with a bravery award by the local administration. Armed with nothing but a mouthful of his favorite ‘Double Ghoda’ gutkha, Yogendra Kumar managed to tackle 3 robbers who were out rob Jankalyan Bank in the city.


Reports say that the robbers entered the bank around 2:30 pm, armed with country made pistols and knives. They threatened the head cashier and were filling their duffel bag with cash when Yogendra saw an opportunity and let out a spray of gutkha that momentarily blinded the robbers, who were later overpowered by the bank staff and handed over to the police.

“The thieves took advantage of the fact most cops were busy with anti-romeo squads and gauraksha. But thanks to alert citizens like Yogendra, we have someone to fall back on,” said the Police Chief.

Unable to have a conversation with our reporter due his gutkha filled mouth, Yogendra spoke in sign language and said that he was happy to receive the award and he’d wouldn’t hesitate to try it out again to maintain law and order in the city. He added that gutkha more effective than pepper spray and women too should try it out to tackle harassment.

The cctv footage of the robbery attempt went viral with many praising Mr. Kumar’s presence of mind. One bollywood producer apparently is also planning a superhero movie called ‘Gutkha-man’ dedicated to the heroics of the Kanpur resident.

The incident has got the spotlight back again on the gutkha ban imposed in Govt offices by Uttar Pradesh CM. Many Govt officials now want the ban revoked saying that it’s not just a safety tool, it also increases their productivity.

Sources close to the CM have said that the matter will be taken up in the next cabinet meeting. The next few weeks could just see gutkha packets making their way back into government offices.

Meanwhile, riding on Yogendra’s popularity, makers of Double Ghoda have now signed him as their brand ambassador.