Monday, 6th April, 2020


Kanpur man refuses to wear face mask, says difficult to spit gutkha while wearing face mask

16, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

While the rest of the country is taking every measure possible to deal with coronavirus, a Kanpur man seems to have thrown caution to the wind.


A self confessed gutkha lover, chewer and prolific spitter, the man has refused to change any of his habits to prevent the spread of the virus. While it is prudent to wear a face mask in public places, the man clearly showed no intention of doing so.

“I am aware of the virus that is going around. But wearing a face mask makes it difficult for me to spit a mouthful of gutkha. I have gutkha in my mouth 24/7, and I need to keep spitting it out every now and then. This face mask is like a shackle and I am not ready for it,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

“Just like dogs, we too mark out territories with ‘Gutkha ki peek’. A seasoned gutkha eater can tell which territory belongs to whom. How can we do all this with our faces covered,” he said in a miffed tone.

When faced with the fact that spitting in public could possibly help in spreading the disease, the man gave our reporter a death stare and said, “Gutkha ko kuch nahi bolneka. Spitting can actually throw coronavirus out of the body. I saw a video circulated on my ‘Gutkha eaters of Kanpur’ Whatsapp group on how coronavirus cannot enter your mouth when it is full of gutkha. And how spitting rids your body of the virus,” he revealed.

“Instead of asking us to stop eating gutkha, Govt should do something for us. Like cleaning up corners of Govt buildings so that we can spit in peace,” he remarked, clearly not in any mood for advisory.