Karan Johar finally apologizes, offers to launch Hardik Pandya's kid in bollywood as atonement

24, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

Post the fiasco on his show with Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, actor-Direcotr Karan Johar today broke his silence and apologized for what transpired on the show few weeks back.


Karan said that the incident left him with sleepless nights just like the time when he saw a late night show of his own movie called Bombay Velvet. “I was heartbroken to read the reactions the show received. And after Hardik got suspended, my sense of guilt was choking me,” he said.

“How do I undo this damage. How do I atone for my sins. Itna bura toh mujhe Dhadak ke reviews padh ke bhi nahi laga tha,” he revealed.

Karan admitted that the comments were inappropriate and in his defense said that he has no control over the answers given by the guests. “I don’t prompt them to say something that is indecent,” he clarified.

The talk show host has now offered to launch Hardik Pandya’s kid in Bollywood as and when it happens. Karan said that in his usual way he’d do everything he can to ensure that Hardik’s kids have a secure future. “Baap ka career maine kharab kiya. Lekin bachhon ka future main banaoonga,” he said in an emotionally charged tone as his eyes welled up.

Sources say that Karan will be announcing his project with the Pandya kids shortly. “It will most probably be a SOTY franchise,” the source said.

While speaking about KL Rahul, Karan said that the cricketer was ‘collateral damage’. And his kids too would be launched via the same route as other star kids.