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Karnataka decides to promote Bengaluru traffic jams as tourist attractions

20, Jan 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: After having firmly given up on resolving the traffic issues plaguing India’s IT hub, Bengaluru , Karnataka Government has decided to promote the traffic jams in Bengaluru as a tourist attraction. Notorious for its traffic, Bengaluru  has long invited jokes and mockery over its traffic situation but the authorities have decided to use their weakness as strength.

Bengaluru Tourism logo
Bengaluru Tourism logo

Bengaluru, which has been called by different names in the past, Garden city of India, Silicon Valley of India etc will henceforth be promoted as the “Traffucked city of India” by the authorities.

As per sources, Government has already tied up with Uber Helicopter service that tourists can now use at reduced rates to observe Bengaluru  traffic jams in all their glory from above.

Speaking to Faking News while waiting in the traffic at Kundalahalli junction, a Government spokesperson said, “We have to showcase what we are best at and look at these traffic jams, does anyone come close? Already a lot of people coming to Bengaluru for the first time go and stare at Silk Board traffic first before going to their offices and staring at the computers. We sensed a huge opportunity here.”

“Competition is very fierce these days among states for tourists. Everyone is pushing themselves aggressively through various campaigns. We needed to start our own unique one lest we get left behind”, he explained.

When we asked him whether the Government shouldn’t keep trying to solve the traffic woes, he smiled and said, “What for? Traffic jams are good for health. Weather here is so nice, people should stay outdoors as long as possible instead of wasting their day looking at Computer screens sharing silly videos on Facebook”, the spokesperson said as he parked his car in the middle of the road and went off for a cup of tea.

Meanwhile, Bengaluru authorities had earlier rejected a formula similar to Odd/Even scheme in Delhi to reduce traffic as there is no guarantee of getting through a traffic jam on the same day.