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Karnataka multiplex owners make popcorn mandatory with every movie ticket

16, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: A day after Karnataka government introduced a maximum limit of 200 Rs for movie tickets, multiplex owners in the state have hit back by introducing a new rule which makes purchase of popcorn mandatory with every movie ticket. This move will make up for the revenue loss due to limit on ticket prices.

Aaye ho to lena padega

Popcorn prices in multiplex have become so high that less and less people are buying them these days. By introducing this new rule, multiplex owners will be able to revive the dying tradition of looting via popcorn.

Explaining this decision, a multiplex owner said, “See we are not running a charity. We have to maximize our profits and we used to do that by charging higher amounts on weekends. People were also willingly buying those expensive tickets then what was the need for government to get involved. Now that they have introduced a maximum limit for tickets, then we are forced to look elsewhere for increasing our profit.”

“We were thinking about making cold drink mandatory but the limit they have introduced is so low, that we were forced to make popcorn mandatory. 200 Rs, what can you get in 200 Rs these days, not even 2 beers, and government wants us to show a film worth crores in 200 rupees. This is amazingly bad decision by the government”, he further added.

When we asked if this will reduce the footfall at the cinemas, he said ,”It is ok if some people stay away. Even if we sell 50% tickets, our profits will be higher. Have you not bought any popcorn recently?”

After that, we rushed out before he makes us buy a tub of popcorn for asking him these questions.