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Kasab wants to fly in Kingfisher before either of them die

30, Mar 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab, awaiting SC judgment on his death penalty in the Mumbai Terror Attack case, has expressed desire to fly in a Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai Kingfisher Airlines flight before he or the airlines ceases to exist.

While experts are divided, Kasab is confident that the death of Kingfisher Airlines is nearer than his own death by hanging, which has been hanging in air for over a year now.

Many experts share Kasab’s view and agree that Mallya’s airlines business could be dead much before a final judgment on Kasab’s guilt and his anticipated clemency petition to the President of India is pronounced.

Kingfisher Airlines
Kasab fears that soon this signboard could read “company closed”

“Maybe death penalty itself is abolished from India to escape the political drama over hangings,” Nalini Guru, an expert told Faking News.

Nalini claimed that the only way Kasab could die was if he joined Kingfisher Airlines

“He won’t get any salary for months, and would die of hunger,” Nalini explained, “Unlike many in rural India or parts of Pakistan from where he hails, he is no longer habituated to sleep with an empty stomach. His food habits have changed after spending so many years in Indian jails, where he is getting regular meals.”

However some experts disagree and believe that Kasab is not so lucky and could die much earlier than Kingfisher Airlines.

“Vijay Mallya is serious about his business. He is even thinking of diluting his liquor business to save his airlines business,” an expert claimed, “Kasab should wait till court asks his last wish before hanging and then he may get a chance to fly with Kingfisher.”

But Kasab says he has full faith in Indian constitution and judiciary, and he’s confident that he will outlive Kingfisher Airlines.

“I am confident is all I can say. The matter is in Supreme Court and is sub-judice, so I won’t comment any further over it,” Kasab said, almost sounding like a politician, “I am here to live a few more years, surely; but I’m not sure if Kingfisher Airlines will live eve for a few weeks more.”

“However that Mallya will surely live on and on,” he added, “Getting his 72 virgins every month without dying!”