To keep Mumbaikars at home, Maharashtra Govt spreads rumor that today is voting day

21, Apr 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: As Coronavirus cases keep rising in the city, Maharashtra Government is struggling to keep everyone inside their homes during the lockdown. People continue to step out for various reasons and roads continue to see high traffic.


Finally, Government has come up with a strategy that they are certain will yield good results. A WhatsApp rumour has been circulated stating that there is an election in the city and voting is going on in polling booths across the financial capital of India.

The rumour was started by a Mumbai Police officer who circulated the news in his society’s whatsapp group, and within an hour, the news reached all over Mumbai and people started planning how they will pass their time inside their homes during the polling process.

Speaking to Faking News, a senior Maharashtra Government Minister said, “This is the time to look for practical solutions. We were struggling to get people to stay indoors so we came up with this plan that is guaranteed to send every Mumbaikar rushing to their homes. Everyone knows they don’t step out on the day of the voting so we can have an effective lockdown this way.”

“We will spread this rumour every day, that polling has been postponed by a day due to some violence or some EVM issue or something, and get our 3 weeks lockdown this way. Thanks to our rumour strategy, we will defeat Coronavirus in our city”, the Minister added.

Meanwhile, a new problem has been created due to this rumour as Lakhs of Mumbaikars started heading towards Lonavala after hearing about voting in Mumbai.