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Kejriwal becomes first person to enjoy Mumbai local train ride

12, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has called his Mumbai local journey from Andheri to Churchgate a “smooth ride”, becoming the first person in the world to have enjoyed the otherwise bumpy and sweaty ride.

According to onlookers, unlike normal Mumbaikars who literally have to fight a mini battle to board a train, Kejriwal simply came and conquered, without any opposition.

Kejriwal in Mumbai local
A window seat after boarding the train from Andheri is a rare feat, many claim.

“He came inside where his supporters were waiting, and they gave him a nice window seat,” revealed a person, who didn’t wish to be identified fearing being branded a corrupt Mumbaikar.

But AAP supporters claim that Kejriwal didn’t get it on platter.

“Congress and BJP tried their best that he doesn’t get a seat, but aam aadmi won,” claimed an AAP member.

“See, if a common man wants to get something, all the universe – including God, Allah, and Bhagwaan – conspires in helping him to achieve it. I wanted a window seat and fortunately I got it without pushing and pulling anyone in the train. God is with me, god is with aam admi,” Arvind Kejriwal later clarified.

“It was a pleasant ride,” he recalled, “I was even carrying some change in my pocket to give it to beggars and eunuchs. But don’t know why I couldn’t meet them. Maybe Congress BJP is stopping them.”

Later when Faking News contacted eunuchs of Andheri station, they said that they did try to meet the AAP leader.

“The compartment door was close by AAP workers. No one could go inside,” eunuch Raju told Faking News.

Bina hamein paise diye aam aadmi kaise banega, haaye haaye,” Raju added.

AAP has downplayed such incidents and claimed that the real issue was Arvind Kejriwal could travel in Mumbai local and bring revolution to the financial capital of India.

Inqilaab Zindabaad!” said an AAP member when asked about incidents like metal detectors at station falling down.

Meanwhile Congress has claimed that Kejriwal was copying Rahul Gandhi who traveled by Mumbai local three years ago, while BJP has dismissed the whole incident as “drama” and challenged Kejriwal to board Virar-Churchgate local in the morning.