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Kejriwal courts controversy, demands proof of Indian hockey team's victory over Pakistan

01, Nov 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: While the entire nation hailed Indian hockey team’s victory over arch rival Pakistan, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was at his skeptical best  and demanded ‘proof of hockey teams victory’ in Asian Championship Trophy in the final match that was played on Sunday.

Delhi CM at a press conference accusing the Govt of misleading the people
Delhi CM at a press conference accusing the Govt of misleading the people

The victory, that many referred to as ‘perfect Diwali gift’, failed to convince Mr. Kejriwal who called it another attempt by the government to mislead the nation.

Kejriwal’s comments evoked sharp response on social media with many criticizing him for being ‘proof hungry’. But Arvind Kejriwal has refused to relent’

“They did it with the surgical strikes and now they are fooling the people of this country again. But we wont let them go this time. The PM needs to speak up. It’s part of a larger plan to create a feel good environment in the country before the elections. Lekin ye sab drama ab nahi chalega. Modiji ko saboot dena hi hoga,” he thundered.

The Delhi CM has not yet specified the nature of proof that he seeks but said that ‘match highlights or any form of video proof’ is unacceptable.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Mr. Kejriwal explained why a video proof of the hockey match wouldn’t suffice.

“Last time they gave us video proof of India’s victory over Australia in a hockey match. We convinced ourselves with the proof  and even celebrated the victory. But later we found out that the video proof was a DVD of Chak De India. This is how they keep fooling us,” he said in an accusatory tone.