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Kejriwal practicing intense meditation daily for mental calm, hopes to stop himself from abusing Modi and jeopardize his chances in Delhi polls

20, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Shocked by the results of Assembly elections, Arvind Kejriwal is desperately seeking a new strategy to bolster his chances during Delhi polls, to be held early next year.

The Delhi CM’s earlier tactics of using every available platform to target Modi and BJP backfired, as seen from the election results.

Insiders say that Kejriwal has watched his previous campaign rallies and realized how his tirade against the PM did nothing.

But this time around the CM is taking no chances and is doing everything possible to stop himself from targeting Modi.

Sources say that Kejriwal is regularly visiting a meditation center in Bengaluru in the quest for mental peace. The CM hopes that it will have a calming effect and help him focus on giving more sops to the people of Delhi.

A meditation expert that our reporter spoke to said that this could be pretty difficult for Kejriwal given how he dedicated most of his political career to targeting Modi.

“It can be cathartic. May lead to withdrawal symptoms,” said the expert.

AAP sources say that the party office in Delhi has already got a few punching bags and baseball sticks in case the party leader shows any outward signs of withdrawal.

Kejriwal has also asked his party workers to refrain from abusing the BJP. In fact they were urged to look for opportunities to praise PM and Amit Shah in every possible way.