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Kejriwal urges the main characters in Game of Thrones to forget their differences and form Mahagatbandhan to defeat White Walkers

15, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

While fans across the world are discussing the first episode of the final season of GoT, Arvind Kejriwal has already figured out a plan to defeat the White Walkers.

Sources say that the Delhi CM is a fan of the series and woke up early today morning to catch up with the final season and even discussed the episode with his party workers.

Relating his own struggle for political survival to the events in Got, Kejriwal had no doubt that the white walkers could be defeated only if all the characters formed a team.

While speaking to the media Kejriwal said, “Mujhe lagta hai ki Jon Snow, Daenerys, Sansa, Arya aur jitne bhi characters hai. Sabko ek Mahagatbandhan karna chahiye. Jo bhi aapsi matbhed ho inke beech…woh bhool jao. Aur sirf white walkers ko harane pe dhyaan do.”

The Delhi CM also offered to meet the characters of the show and share his political wisdom with them. “My battle with the BJP is no different from what transpires in the show. We have to somehow defeat this the Modi-Shah duo. I have just the right formula to win this battle,” he said.

Sources say that the producers of the show have take the Delhi CM’s suggestion and it could well be incorporated in the penultimate episode of the final season.

For the first time sensible political analysts were seen agreeing with what Kejriwal had to say.

“Well I don’t wish to reveal any spoilers but defeating the white walkers would require more than Valeriyan steel. Never agreed with that turncoat on any issue but I feel that he may be right this time around.

Meanwhile BJP scoffed at Kejriwal and said the Delhi CM should forget this dream of Mahagatbandhan and focus on saving his election deposit. “Mark my words. They won’t be left with any money after this election season is over. Hotstar ke subscription ke bhi paise nahi bachenge,” said a BJP spokesperson