KFC launches Sabudana Chicken for Navratri

04, Oct 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) India suffers a drastic drop in sales every Navratri and this time it has been no different. Finally the company has decided to tackle this problem by launching a product especially for Navratris. A new Sabudana Chicken meal has been launched which is compatible with the Navratri fast and can be eaten even while fasting.

kfcMaking the announcement, a Marketing executive of the company said, ”Every year during Navratris, our customers drop by 90% and we suffer huge losses. We were wondering what to do about it when we saw that several restaurants are offering fast-compatible Burger, Pizza, Hot Dog, Pav Bhaji etc and then we thought about doing the same.”

“People eat all day long during Navratri fast but they were just not eating at KFC so we have decided to fight back by introducing this Sabudana Chicken. It will be used in all different types of meals, Bucket, Dinner meal, Twister meal etc. This special chicken is as compatible with fasting as Falahari Chicken offered by various restaurants”, he further added.

When we asked a chef at KFC how this Sabudana Chicken will be different than the regular Chicken, he said, ”Sabudana Chicken is a really advanced technology and it will be as different from regular chicken as Harman Baweja is from Hrithik Roshan. It will look very similar but that’s about it, the taste will be totally crap.”

Meanwhile, a leading Wine manufacturer is also planning to re-brand wine as “Falahari Madira” to get fasting people to drink it.