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Khaleel Ahmed's 'phone call celebration' inspires NASA, may use his method for space communication

09, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

While fans are still trying to figure out the message that Khaleel Ahmed was trying to pass on with his ‘phone call celebration’. But it seems NASA has it all figured out. The American space agency today said that ‘Khaleel’s phone call celebration’ could just be the future of space communication.

khaleel ahmed

The SRH pacer was seen celebrating his wicket taking by imitating a person dialing a person on his smartphone. The bowler did this on multiple occasions leaving many viewers confused.

It was a Eureka moment for a group of scientists of Indian origin at NASA, who were also watching the match. The group had been working tirelessly to solve problems related to wireless communication technology in outer space.

“Space exploration is not a cakewalk. There are many problems our astronauts face while on outer space mission. Most critical of them is relaying data back to earth. But after watching Khaleel’s celebration, we have just figured a way out. I am not sure whom he was dialing or if his call managed to go through. It has however opened doors for us,” said a senior NASA official.

NASA’s statement managed to draw a grin on Khaleel’s face after his teams ouster from IPL left him and his teammates dejected. The bowler said that he is ready to extend all help possible and is open to sharing any information that NASA would need to enable the agency to further explore wireless tech.

Sources say that Google too is keen on getting the bowler on board for it’s next Google maps project.

As of now it appears as if Khaleel has no dearth of job options even if his cricketing career fails to take off for any reason.