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Kidnapper threatens to reveal Game of Thrones spoilers to father if he doesn't pay up for his kid

13, Jul 2017 By Akash Vadera

Friday afternoon turned out to be a fright afternoon for Delhi-based businessman Rajeev Arora, whose son got kidnapped in the wee hours of the morning.


The kidnapper called Rajeev in the afternoon demanding 1 cr. for his kid and warned him that if he doesn’t pay up, he will reveal Game of Thrones spoilers, one by one.

We talked to Rajeev and here’s what a tensed Rajeev had to say, “My son went to school in the morning. And in the afternoon I got a call from a guy saying that he has kidnapped my son and if I don’t pay 1 cr. for my son, then.. he will..” he sips a drink of water “reveal Game of Thrones spoilers to me, and that too all of them” he bursts into tears. We consoled him and further continued the interview after he felt better.

He added, “Who does that? I have just completed 8 episodes of the first season. When you’re watching something so interesting, how can one have that level of apathy to ruin your life? It’s like humanity is dead. I couldn’t sleep that night nor I could watch the 9th episode because while hanging up, the guy told me to not love the character of Ned Stark too much. I kept thinking the whole night. He’s my favorite character and I want him to be till the end. I kept wondering is he going somewhere? Is something bad going to happen to him? Is it? I am asking you, you reporter, is it?” our reporter has watched the entire series but he didn’t want to hurt his feelings so he ignored the question.

Rajesh further added, “I didn’t know how he knew that I watch Game of Thrones. When he called me for the ransom the second time, I told him I would give him double the amount if he could just tell me how he came to know of my addiction with Game of Thrones. He agreed to tell me the reason, which was that he asked my son does he hear his dad, that is me, murmuring any other woman’s name in the home. Now, I don’t know why my son replied “Yes, I often hear him saying ‘Ohh Daenerys’ when he is in the bathroom”, but this has given him the biggest leverage any kidnapper could ever get.

We asked him how the police is going forward with the case, to which he replied, “For the last 2 calls, I had used a body double. I was in another room with my headphones on full volume. I didn’t want ANY risk of getting even a letter of any spoiler. I feel that the kidnapper was just messing with me with that Ned Stark stuff and I believe that Ned Stark IS GOING TO LIVE TILL THE END.”

Our interviewer couldn’t control his laughter at this moment and burst out loud. Sensing this to be a spoiler alert, Rajeev ended the interview and asked us to leave his home.