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Kidnappers change demands in Bihar, now asking for Whiskey bottles instead of cash as ransom

05, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Patna: Bihar’s traditional kidnapping industry witnessed a new trend today when most of the kidnappers switched their demand from cash to Whiskey bottles. This trend has been linked to the total ban on alcohol imposed in Bihar.

New age ransom
New age ransom

Many relatives of kidnapped victims were seen running towards UP Border to try and arrange the required whiskey bottles to get their relatives safely back from kidnappers.

“This is mental torture by them. I spent last 3 days arranging 10 lakhs to get my brother back and this morning I was told to forget 10 lakhs and bring 10 McDowell’s instead.  Now from where will I get them in Bihar”, said a 28 yrs old Kishan Kumar whose brother was kidnapped 3 days back.

Another person struggling to arrange alcohol to bring back his son, 40 yrs old Kunal Kishore Singh said, “When they knew that prohibition is coming, they should have planned their liquor stock accordingly. This is really disappointing because ransom industry was the only one in Bihar with great professionalism. Looks like amateurs have infiltrated even here now.”

Nitish Kumar led Government has imposed prohibition in Bihar as per their election promise and the ban has come into effect now leaving alcohol drinkers high and dry.

When we contacted one such kidnapper, he defended their actions and said, “Thanks to the grace of relatives of our victims, there is no shortage of money with us. Now what is the use of this money if we can’t even take 2 little-little drinks every evening? We can’t go and buy alcohol from UP or Bengal or Jharkhand, their police is on a different frequency than us and may end up catching us. This is why we are asking our patrons to get us the Whiskey for the safety of their relatives.”

Meanwhile, a train full of bootlegging experts from Gujarat has arrived in Patna and they have set up an office right next to Bihar Police Headquarters. “Business is booming my friend”, said Anand Patel, a veteran of bootlegging industry.