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Kids playing hide and seek in Delhi are not hiding behind any object, moving two feet away is sufficient

11, Nov 2017 By dasu

Delhi: Hide and Seek is one of the games kids love to play during their vacation time. As we moved around, we found many school going kids playing the ever-popular game to kill their time.

One major change we observed during this smog vacation hide and seek game. Kids no longer look for a secret place to hide behind. They just move two feet away and the player designated to identify others struggles to find them.

Aditya, a seventh standard student of DPS school, R.K.Puram was one of the unfortunate one who have been designated to identify the next kid correctly. When our reporter was coming towards to him through heavy darkness, he thought he will get the next ‘bakra’.

Disappointed and tired looking Aditya spoke to our reporter standing just one feet away. He said, “I should not have called my friends to play this game. After burning my eyes by looking at xbox and play station screens from six inches distance for last couple of days, thought let us play some outdoor games.

Cricket, football, Lagori nothing is possible. We tried playing ‘gillidanda’, the gilli hit apartment association supervisor Shrama uncle. He has threatened to break our back if anyone plays such games here.”

“Then we did a toss to play hide and seek, my name came first. Sab idhar khade hain, can hear all their movement sounds, but cannot see anyone clearly. All I can see, few dark figures moving around”, said Adithya.

Adithya did a smart thing to get out of the situation. He knew all his friends are wearing shoes except Rakesh. As he saw some dark figure ran away from him without creating much sound on the cement surface, he immediately called him Rakesh. Bingo, it was correct.

We were happy at last Adithya got himself freed, but we were worried about Rakesh, how he will get out of the tangle as all were wearing action ka school time shoes. The same question is in the minds of Delhi and NCR residents, how they will get out of this smog tangle.