Monday, 6th April, 2020


Kim Jong Un tests new missile to fight coronavirus

07, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

With the coronavirus making its presence felt in many parts of the world, the medical community across the globe is fighting hard to stem its spread. North Korea however has claimed that it has remained free from the disease, despite sharing border with nations where the virus has spread.

Official mouthpieces have been saying that North Korea has zero cases of patients infected with the virus or even death. The Supreme Leader of the nations is taking no chances and is doing all his best to take charge of the situation.

As per a report, Kim Jong Un has had intense discussions with doctors and scientists to develop a new missile to fight against the virus. An official close to the development said, “The missile is in the testing phase and soon it will be ready to fight coronavirus. This is the same missile which was supposed to be used against he US, but has now been re-purposed to deal with the virus.”

The North Korean leader believes that the missile will show the world how North Korea is superior to any other nation. “Most nations are looking to develop vaccines. But Kim Jong UN is clearly thinking out of the box. He went beyond vaccines and has developed a cure that will eradicate the virus,” he said in an affirmative tone.

While most world leaders did not respond to the news of missile testing, US President Donald Trump couldn’t help himself. While speaking at a really he said, “Missiles are destructive. I am a constructive man. So world leaders should learn from me and construct a wall at the border to stop coronavirus from entering the country.”