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Kindergarten kids on strike demanding as many holidays as Supreme Court judges

28, Nov 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Kids studying in Kindergarten schools across the country have launched a mass strike from today demanding as many holidays in a year as the judges of Indian Supreme Court. KG schools everywhere sported a deserted look with all the students out on the road protesting against fewer holidays for them.

Recently, the holiday calendar of Supreme Court had become viral on social media in India and one KG student, Tinku, spotted it on his mother’s phone while watching wheels on the bus video. Soon, the news spread across all KG schools in the country and they decided to ask similar holiday calendar for themselves.

Speaking to Faking News, Tinku said,” If the highest court in the country can function smoothly despite having all these holidays then why can’t our Kindergarten afford it? How many days do you think it takes to learn all the alphabets and counting till 10? We are just wasting time here most days when it could be better spent watching Doraemon or Chhota Bheem at home. Even teachers can relax at home instead of cleaning our potty and susu during those days.”

“Till our demands are met, we are going to block traffic on all major roads in the country. We thought about taking our protest to railway lines as well but decided against it because we lack the strength to uproot Railway tracks. We have sent letters seeking support from Jats and Gujjar leaders for the Railway protests. If we get a favourable response, we will start uprooting Railway tracks as well to get the authorities to meet our demands”, Tinku added.

Meanwhile, HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar has distanced himself from this controversy by stating that any school is not under his ministry. Mr. Javadekar said that as a minister, his only duty is to conduct press conferences and some other ministry should look at these protests.