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Known for serving more ice and less coffee, Tarabucks and Cafe Coffee Din to serve drinks without ice to solve water scarcity problem

29, Apr 2016 By sameer mahawar

Can customers bear the shock of having less ice

Noida. Going against their rich culture of serving customers with ice when asked for cold coffee, Tarabucks and Cafe Coffee Din have decided to serve drinks without ice cubes in them owing to the prevalent water crisis in the country.

The resultant water saved would be diverted from the glasses and mugs of customers to the drought hit states.

Talking to the Chief Marketing Officer of Tarabucks regarding the decision taken, he said, “It’s a step taken by us as a part of Corporate Social (Media) Responsibility. The amount of ice we put in the customers can significantly help in irrigation in arid areas. We know customers will get few shocks initially when they will see more coffee than ice in their drinks, but we already have a relief plan to prevent them from such absurdities and anomalies.”

Mukesh Bansal, who visits these stores frequently to access free Wi-Fi, shared his views with us and said, “I used to pay 200 bucks at Tarabucks for drinks half-filled with ice. They had more flavors for ice than for coffee. Even Shikhar Dhawan’s batting innings used to last more than my drinks. I’m happy that now my drinks would last more and make me able to sit there for some more time. I can update more applications using their Wi-Fi.”

It has also been reported that both these companies have asked other companies in the industry to scrap the usage of ice in drinks under “Ice Chuck-it Challenge”.

Lays, the famous manufacturer of flavored air, on similar lines has decided to scrap the infusion of air in chips packets and supply the saved air to air-polluted cities.